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About us

After more than 7 years of buying and selling sneakers we have encountered many problems that still affect many people when buying or selling their sneakers.

Sneakers have been taking an important place in our society since the 1920’s with the release of numerous collaborations and increasingly rare models.

Many resale companies have taken advantage of this boom to make it a more and more profitable business for both resellers and buyers. As well as the massive development of counterfeits which are becoming more and more sophisticated at lower and lower costs.

Having personally encountered these drawbacks, we decided to act by creating a unique system that can completely revolutionize the world of sneakers.

The blockchain technology, which is starting to take a central place in many current projects, can solve these problems with excellence and make each of us the future winners (W) of each deal. 

Decentralize the exchange of sneakers without a platform

Buy sneakers from individuals in complete security

follow your sneakers from its manufacture to its final buyer

What is the project?

The project consists in developing a blockchain allowing to trace the path of a sneaker from A to Z. That is to say, from its production to its sale and even to its resale. This follow-up will be possible thanks to a unique hash code generated by the sneakers coin blockchain and assimilated to each pair during its production. The blockchain will use its own crypto currency, the $SNKRS.

SNKRS is a cryptocurrency that will allow

To guarantee the authenticity of any pair, and therefore put an end to the sale or purchase commissions that are often high on the exchange platforms


To know the exact number of pairs in circulation and the exact number of pairs produced

To put an end to the loss/theft of packages, well known in the sneaker world

To save time in the process of acquiring or selling a pair by not having to authenticate them

To put an end to the counterfeiting of sneakers and to avoid backdoors during the releases

To acquire in the future, sneakers in NFT with the purchase of a pair in real thanks to the code Hash assimilated.


“The blueprint for our future goals and milestones.”


  • Create the project with the partners and establish the business plan
  • The founders identified an opportunity to improve the way sneaker exchanges were done by combining their experience in the sneaker market with the power of blockchain.

  • Investigation into blockchain technology
  • Assemble core team and advisors

  • Open initial private sale of SNKRS
  • Creation of Foundation structure
  • Announcement: project, publishing of White Paper
  • Launch Sale website

  • Open Public sale on pancakeswap
  • Launch of the development of the Hash code technology
  • Launch of SNKRS smart contract development and verification
  • Design and definition of the Sneakerscoin blockchain
  • Integration of the different models of sneakers existing in the base

  • Develop token sale function on
  • Integration of wallets (SNKRSWallet) on
  • Initial testing phase of SNKRS technology
  • Expand engineering and business teams

  • Establishment of collaborations with sneaker producers
  • Second phase of testing SNKRS technology on a larger scale
  • Expanding sales teams and development team
  • Release SNKRSWallet apps for desktop & mobile
  • Start of development of SNKRS NFT linked to blockchain

  • Setting up a partnership with transport companies for full monitoring in the process
  • Setting up a team of NFT designers
  • Launching the development of the sneaker reseller platform (free of charge) with the SNKRS coin.
  • Development of a special SNKRSWallet module for sneaker reseller
  • Modeling of sneaker models in NFT

  • Develop marketing teams
  • Sign partnerships to allow resellers to spend the SNKRS on goods and services
  • Encourage wallet use and downloads
  • Mass awareness campaign of the SNKRS coin

  • Develop advertising campaigns
  • Testing phase of assimilating each Hash code to an NFT
  • Terminal test phase of package tracking technology by transport companies
  • Development of an NFT category in the SNKRSWallet
  • Implementation of an NFT marketplace on


Distributed to Community


Marketing and communication campaign

Founders and Team


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Contract address : 0xe50417c6bf117327184770ea9c5f2eb98fd0ac07

Core Leadership

Steven Deneve

Founder and CEO

Sally Howard


Basile Caumont


Jonathan Parres

Chief Operating Officer

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